Polly Baca (Greeley, Colorado) 1978

Polly Baca was a political trailblazer, becoming many “firsts” within the government and politics. Most notably, she was the first woman Chair of the Democratic Caucus of the Colorado House of Representatives. She was born in Greeley, Colorado on February 13. 1941. Polly was able to see firsthand from a very young age the injustices against Mexicans and Mexican Americans. She attended Colorado University earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. After graduation, she stayed involved in politics. Four years after graduation, she served a Public Information Officer for the White House InterAgency Committee on Mexican-Americans under the Lyndon Johnson Administration. Due to her extensive experience in politics, she decided to open her own public relations company. In 1974, Polly Baca won Colorado’s 34th seat in the state House of representatives, and in 1978 she was elected to the Colorado State Legislature as the first Woman of Color senator.

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– Written by Rachel Tabor