In 1973, Chicanas in Texas organized Mujeres por la Raza, a caucus within the statewide Raza Unida Party, to advance the election of Chicanas to public office and ensure women’s leadership within the Chicano movement. Mujeres founders Ino Álvarez, Evey Chapa, and Marta (Martha) Cotera had helped create the Raza Unida Party in 1970, Chapa writing into its platform strong statements on women’s equality and the importance of family. Mujeres also battled racism and classism among Anglo women. They held conferences on August 4, 1973, in San Antonio; on September 19, 1973, in Corpus Christi; and on December 1, 1973, in Crystal City. The efforts of Mujeres Por La Raza also led to more women becoming involved at the local level in organizing and participating in conferences and campaigns. Women ran local offices, worked on the petition to allow the Raza Unida Party on the ballot, and generally became more politically active and aware.