Leticia Hinojosa (South Texas) 1989

Born in Brownsville, Texas, Leticia Hinojosa is an elected Justice of the Thirteenth Court of Appeals. Hinojosa attended the University of Texas at Austin and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Government and then attended University of Texas Law School.  

Hinojosa’s first job in the legal arena was as a Reginald Heber Smith Fellow in Austin. Later, she returned to South Texas where she worked for numerous firms until 1989, in which she was elected Judge of County Court at Law #4, making her the first woman elected judge in South Texas. She was also the third Hispanic woman to be elected Judge in the entire state of Texas. In 1996, she was elected Judge for the 139th Judicial District Court and served two terms. After a brief break practice law, she was elected Justice of the 13th Court of Appeals in 2017.