The Chicana Caucus of the NWPC was formed by a group of Chicanas that made a name for themselves during the Chicano Movement and the Women’s Movement in the 1970s.

In 1972, Martha Cotera, along with Maria Elena Martínez, Maria Cardenas, Pauline Martínez, Pauline Jacobo, and other Chicanas, founded the Texas Women’s Political Caucus. Guided by a Chicana feminist agenda, the women joined the organization to advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment and to eliminate racism in the fight for women’s liberation. Joining the Texas Women’s Political Caucus led some Texas Chicanas to participate at the national level and connect with other Chicanas. In 1973, Rhea “Ruth” Mojica Hammer, Martha Cotera, Margaret Cruz, Pauline Martínez, Lupe Anguiano, and Andrea Cano formed the Chicana Caucus within the NWPC. The Chicana Caucus lasted until the 1979 NWPC conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, when the group elected its lasted Chicana Caucus chair. The Chicana Caucus focused on recruiting and training more Chicanas to particiapte in American politics, as well as create greater awareness about Chicana issues and needs.



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